My thought

I was introduced to mixed media in college and absolutely loved it. I want to convey noise and keep the eye interested so, I push the concept of art and what is beautiful. In different pieces I may use a self image, used stamps, acrylic paints, oil paints, dyes, india ink, card stock and stickers. I learned that the canvas, board, block, or glass base is my oyster~

coconut baby pink bottle...

Sorry the photo is so dark... i was taking the pic with back lighting and i didn't want to use flash, ergo the dark image. But you can see enough of it to tell you what i have been up to :)
I have always been interested in image transfers but could never quite get it right... well peeps here is my first one. I used a baby pic of Coconut and transferred her photograph on a bottle. Too cool! This has opened opened opened doors like a crazy woman waiting for Mervins' to open! Whoa! too many options for this one... i shall start off slow and lets see what else I can achieve! Yippee-Skippy!

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