My thought

I was introduced to mixed media in college and absolutely loved it. I want to convey noise and keep the eye interested so, I push the concept of art and what is beautiful. In different pieces I may use a self image, used stamps, acrylic paints, oil paints, dyes, india ink, card stock and stickers. I learned that the canvas, board, block, or glass base is my oyster~

artist hand in abstract w/Purple Daisies

18" x 26" on mfd panel

this is my interpretation of the fires in the mountains.

on the left side is one tree, below the floating flowers, the middle are the burning hot embers and at the top right is the billowy smokey sky. adding the human element to the painting was important to this piece because i believe people who have started fires throughout California do not understand the pain they cause around them. symbolically painting my hand and pressing it into more wet palette knife paint was such an emotional response for me. i wish it were that easy to put my stamp on such a horrible situation.

have fun today & the rest of the week... time is too precious to waste it on anger~

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