My thought

I was introduced to mixed media in college and absolutely loved it. I want to convey noise and keep the eye interested so, I push the concept of art and what is beautiful. In different pieces I may use a self image, used stamps, acrylic paints, oil paints, dyes, india ink, card stock and stickers. I learned that the canvas, board, block, or glass base is my oyster~


13" x 17"

How sad is it when you go back home and see a freeway through your childhood castle? That happened to me last month when I spent a day just driving around. You ever do that? I hardly recognized the place. I had been away for 4 years and it was just heart-wrenching. For me, the beautiful orange groves and huge oak trees that I hid in to hide from the evil princess, were all gone. Progression is inevitable, I understand that but how far should we go? Does every corner 'have to have' a strip mall or fast food joint? We need to leave parts of our greenery untouched so, our wildlife and Eco-system can stay balanced. Let's stop the sprawling! Donate a tree to help keep our planet

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